San Francisco Diary

Wednesday ~ February 02, 2008 by Sangeeta Posted in conference,Oracle,San Francisco,travel

San Francisco is a pretty coastal city. I and my husband Harshad went there late 2007 to attend the Oracle OpenWorld conference which is held at Moscone Center every year.

San Francisco is a west coast city in the US and we travelled from India on a direct Mumbai-New York flight. We spent a couple of days with friends at the east coast. Apart from New York we also visited Washington DC , tales of which I will recount elsewhere. Both these cities had very cold weather (it rained in NewYork) and I caught a cold and the beginnings of flu inspite of all the layers of clothing. We left for San Fransisco very early on Sunday morning. I suffered from a horrible ear ache (which is quite common in air travel) during the flight inspite of the usual remedies of sweet-sucking and yawning. I had not yet recovered when we reached San Francisco at 2PM on Sunday. continuar…

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Conference on Java Technology,2007

Tuesday ~ September 09, 2007 by Sangeeta Posted in ajax,conference,web2.0

IndicThreads Conference On Java TechnologyI am pleased to inform you about the Conference On Java Technology 2007 that will be held on 26th and 27th October 2007 at Pune, India.

The conference is an independent event with indepth vendor-neutral technical sessions about Web Services, Ajax, SOA, EJB, Mashups, Frameworks, JSF, Data Caching, Dependency Injection, Patterns and various other aspects of Java software development.

The event is a gathering of the best Java brains in the business and a place to learn from technology thought leaders about the latest and greatest in Java technology. It is also a great place to network and meet like-minded people from across companies and industry segments.

Registrations for the Conference On Java Technology 2007 are open. Register now to grab the early bird discount that closes on the 30st of Sep 07.

The conference website is Do check it out.

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Presenting on GWT and Dojo @ Jax 07

Wednesday ~ April 04, 2007 by Sangeeta Posted in ajax,conference

Speaker@JAX07The JAX 07 conference to be held at B’glore,India is where I will head to this summer. It’s spread over four days and has some hot and interesting topics on its menu. You can check out all the details here.

My sessions:-
1)Building an Ajax Java web application using the Dojo Toolkit

2)Building an Ajax Java Web Application Using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

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