Not a cup of woe

Friday ~ October 10, 2017 by Sangeeta Posted in Health,Uncategorized

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. So true in this case. But now, this is my third time use and I feel comfortable enough to say I’ve switched to the menstrual cup from sanitary napkins. My journey has been quite an emotional toughie and I feel duty bound to share my experience and help others who might be sitting on the fence.

Why Bother ?

a) My decision to go for it was totally out of concern for the poor planet we inhabit. Bad news about unlivable cities, dirty air, dirtier oceans, the this and the that pour in everyday and most times we feel helpless. I want to contribute in any small way I can. Sanitary napkins are non bio-degradable and just stack up in the ever increasing landfills. One menstrual cup is meant to last for years. I feel good to not create garbage every month.

b) Soiled napkins create a health hazard for waste pickers. Again, feel good that I can contribute to this in a small way.

If you feel really strongly about the above reasons, you will definitely want to go for the cup. That’s what I did. continuar…

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Chronicles of a mom whose child is learning to swim

Wednesday ~ July 07, 2013 by Sangeeta Posted in Health,kids,Parenting

Summer of three.nine
When Tej was over three years last summer, I decided it was a good time for him to start learning to swim. I would have liked to have him start earlier, but I didn’t know of any facility in our neighbourhood where such small kids can learn. So anyway, I and Harshad took him to the coach at a nearby swimming pool. He was the one who had taught both me and Harshad and we knew him well.

On the first day, I took Tej down to the kids pool, which is about 4 ft in depth, and introduced the coach to him. Tej was not interested in the coach but in watching the scenes all around. Children shivering at the edge, some sobbing. I knew this wasn’t the ideal setting in which to start. But what followed was a disaster. Tej just refused to get into his trunks at all. I stood with him by the side of the pool and thus passed the first day watching by the side. As did the whole of the month. continuar…

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Can kids enjoy healthy foods? | Children & Nutrition

Thursday ~ February 02, 2013 by Sangeeta Posted in Health,kids

My 4 year old son, Tej’s food has been something I have put a lot of thought into over the years. Considering getting kids to eat healthy food is something that’s top priority for any mom,  thought of noting down my observations and experiments with trying to get Tej to enjoy healthy food.