Not a cup of woe

Menstrual Cup
Menstrual Cup

I discovered about menstrual cups in the newspapers and was intrigued. I read up some more and became aware of the problems with sanitary napkins and how menstrual cups can help resolve them to a great extent. This is the story of my trials and a little turbulence as I eventually switched to the menstrual cup completely.

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. So true in this case.  My journey has been a bit of an emotional toughie. I hope my experience will help others who may either be unaware, like I was, or who might be sitting on the fence.

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Chronicles of a mom whose child is learning to swim

Summer of three.nine
When Tej was over three years last summer, I decided it was a good time for him to start learning to swim. I would have liked to have him start earlier, but I didn’t know of any facility in our neighbourhood where such small kids can learn. So anyway, I and Harshad took him to the coach at a nearby swimming pool. He was the one who had taught both me and Harshad and we knew him well.

On the first day, I took Tej down to the kids pool, which is about 4 ft in depth, and introduced the coach to him. Tej was not interested in the coach but in watching the scenes all around. Children shivering at the edge, some sobbing. I knew this wasn’t the ideal setting in which to start. But what followed was a disaster. Tej just refused to get into his trunks at all. I stood with him by the side of the pool and thus passed the first day watching by the side. As did the whole of the month. Continue reading “Chronicles of a mom whose child is learning to swim”